Easter Bunny Organic Landscape

A Sunstainable Easter with Jomi

This Easter, join us in embracing organic beauty and sustainable practices for a planet-friendly pampering experience! 🌍
Forget the plastic eggs—let's get creative this year and use an organic and biodegradable alternative—egg shells! 🥕🌱 And while you're hunting for Easter treats, remember to be a tidy kiwi, Easter joy goes hand-in-hand with love and care for our planet.
Whether you're treating yourself to a herbal treatment in salon or simply enjoying a moment of relaxation at our hair spa, know that your choice for sustainable beauty here at Jomi supports a brighter future for bunnies and beyond 🐇💚
Enjoy your long weekend (we know we will!) and we'll see you next week x

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Free shipping within New Zealand Free shipping within New Zealand
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